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Have you incorporated modesty in your lifestyle?

There are a few basic steps you can take today!

The sooner you start the more natural they will become!

The sooner you will catch the eye of The New World Order!


Be very conscious of how you use your hands. We are delicate and feminine, thus must we use our hands accordingly! Folds your hands on your lap when you sit. Limp your wrist when you walk or shake hands. Be sure to display submission when you shake hands. Never firm, but always soft. Try to curtesy when you do. 


Always lower your gaze! You may never engage in direct eye contact, as this may be seen as a sign of dominance or defiance! You will show your obedience and submission by lowering your gaze! Let your superiors see you accept your inferiority!


Never speak out loud, only if absolutely necessary! A soft, whisper like voice will be respected as a sign of submission. Choose your words correctly, and make sure to address your superiors appropriate! Using Sir or Madam will display your submissive nature. If your language has a formal form, use it! Compliment your Muslim Masters. Be delicate with this! Express your admiration for Islam. Not online to Muslim Men, but also our Sisters. Complement their choice to wear Hijab. 


Try to change/transform your attire. This is a big and frightening step. The pace in which you engage in this, is different for all of us. You may even choose to keep these changes at home for starters. But eventually there will come a time that you will have to show the outside world what you are becoming! Some may strengthen your new modest behaviour. There are many ways to start. You could start with panty’s and stockings. They could help you with a more feminine walk and posture. Or you could start wearing blouses instead of shirts. Start looking in the female sections of shops and online. A cravat is a great way to introduce scarves into your wardrobe. This of course will lead to the biggest step! The Scarf! The defining symbol of our submission. It is never to soon to try a headscarf/Hijab! It may be scary but you will find it liberating! Try it alone in the security of your home. Relish it and continue. You will accept it as your destiny.


Last but not least! Show your obedience to Men! Not just Men, I mean MEN! Dominant Alpha Males! Real Men! Men who make you weak at the knees! Men who make your mouth water! Men who make you moan Allah! Men who make you have perverted thoughts! Men who make you gay on the spot!

Do not throw yourselves at them! Retain your modesty! But show your devotion! Your admiration! Your obedience!

We are The Revolution!

The Sexual Jihad is underway!

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