iwanttobeagirlsobadly: ameera-obeys: “Unh! Fuck yes! Hey,…



Unh! Fuck yes! Hey, Ashley?”

Ahh.. Unh! Y-yes? Yes, Ameera?”

“This is the ..unnnh! God! .. best.. fucking.. vacation.. Ahh! Unnh! .. ever, baby.”

Unnh! Uh-huh! Ahh. Ohhh! Fuck! So deep!”

Two weeks on the most flamboyantly gay cruise we can find. Tanning, downing pink drinks, wearing our sexiest clothes. We get screwed so many times that the guys at the end begin to complain that there is already cum in us. At least they’re drunk enough keep on going and fuck us, just like that, side by side. Our little girly cocks dripping and dripping while those hot studs slide in and out of us. I turn your head around and give you a deep kiss. Oh honey, how are you supposed to go back to your wife after this? She’s going to smell cock all over you!

About four days into the 10-day Caribbean cruise, and the two of us are already notrious throughout the ship as the hottest sluts aboard. So many hot men of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, varieties and sexual tastes — and all of them know that we are the naughtiest, sexiest, most insatiable little cockpleasers they’ve ever seen.

Every inch of our skin has been sunkissed. We flirt outrageously and wear the most delightful and playful feminine things. Eyes turn as we come walking down the promenade, girlie frozen drink in one hand, the other hand limp-wristed and waving to the boys, high-heels clicking, wearing tiny little bikini bottoms. We see the hunger in their eyes as they turn to look us up and down. They put down their drinks. Some of them can’t help but rub their growing bulges, starting to tent out their swim trunks. Some of the most self-assured cocksmen in the world take cruises like this one, and they always find a nearly endless buffet of hot and willing submissives, ready to kneel or bend over. But the two of us are the hottest, and we show it.

Men buy us drinks, pay for our manicures and pedicures, salon treatments, new outfits. They especially like to buy us things that they can put on our bodies, like earrings or navel jewelry, or tall, slutty heels. We giggle and flirt. But we don’t tease any of the boys without putting out. We came on this cruise to celebrate our love for each other under the hot Caribbean sun, and to indulge ourselves in cock. Glorious, rock-hard, testosterone-laden, steely, irresistible cock.

The two studs pull us together and then put us side by side on the ottoman on the balcony of the super-exclusive stateroom. We giggle and kiss as they pull down our tiny little barely-covering-our-booties bikini bottoms and plunge inside.

We could never give this up, Ashley. We would do anything to just keep cruising and keep fucking. We would sell ourselves like whores to some rich guy in order to buy another cruise ticket. In the winter, we would have to cruise off to South America or somewhere, in search of more dick. <3